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Hello, world! Tips for Dating in the Age of COVID.

In the last year, COVID-19 has made online dating sites even more indispensable for the single set. It has been hard for singles to meet potential significant others since going out and being social is discouraged during the pandemic. But with an online dating website, you could try to get to know someone online through emails, texting, and video chat. Then, if you were both assured that the other was being safe, you might try to meet.

But you can still meet that special someone during a pandemic, according to Amy Schoen, a professional life, dating, and relationship coach in Rockville, Maryland, and the founder of the website Motivated to Marry.

“You can meet people through socially distant meetups,” Schoen says. “I’ve had clients meet people through outdoor activities like archery and axe throwing. You can go to parks, hike, play tennis, or some of the more socially distant sports.”

But Schoen also endorses trying to make connections digitally. “I recommend online dating sites as part of your dating plan,” she says.

Acamea Deadwiler, based out of Las Vegas, is the author of “Single That: Dispelling the Top 10 Myths of the Single Woman.” She points out that because of COVID, something is lost by not going out to dinner or the movies – and one should think carefully about how they’re starting a relationship.

“Instead of going to a movie theater, you’re streaming movies and inviting people to join you on the couch. Instead of meeting at a bar, you’re allowing someone you may have just met into your home for cocktails,” Deadwiler says. “So those initial ‘getting to know you’ steps in the dating process are being skipped and you may end up dating someone exclusively by default or getting serious with someone more quickly than you normally would.”

She points out that inviting somebody you don’t know well into your home too soon isn’t just potentially unsafe – it “accelerates the relationship’s progression.” She says that there’s the risk that the pandemic forces you into a dating bubble where you’re seeing one person instead of perhaps seeing several people and having one relationship form more naturally.

“We’ve had more free time than ever over the past year,” Deadwiler says. “It hasn’t been much of an inconvenience to fit someone into your schedule. Just because you’re spending a bunch of time with someone doesn’t mean they’re ‘the one.’ Ask yourself if they’re someone you would’ve pursued a relationship with within the pre-COVID world.”

And if not, then you may need to go back to the drawing board and ask your friends and family if they know anyone. And, yes, you may want to check out some of the dating sites.

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    It is a free site, but like all of these sites, you can navigate the site more easily if you pay for its premium version.


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